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Please help me meet my idol, Dude Perfect!

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Meet Zack

Zack Weinberger

4-Year-Old Basketball Phenom Makes Viral Video in Quest to Meet Dude Perfect Youtube Stars!

Florham Park, New Jersey — Preschooler Zack Justice Weinberger (who dubbed himself “Dunkman Zack”) might not know how to tie his shoes yet, but put a basketball in this four-year-old’s hands and get ready to watch the tiny basketball prodigy sink trick shots worthy of his favorite Youtube basketball stars, DudePerfect.

In a Youtube video of his own that is quickly going viral, toddler Zack can be seen scoring basket after basket in ways that would make any NBA player ask for pointers. In one of the video’s most jaw-dropping moments, his dad blindfolds Zack's eyes and then Launch! Swish! Score! In another epic moment, Zack is at Chuck E. Cheese, and despite barely being able to see over the railing of the arcade hoop game, sinks an unfathomable 15 shots in a row. You think that the video has to be doctored… how is this possible for a 4 year old child when most adults, and even many pro athletes, would struggle with 15 baskets in a row? His mom simply calls his basketball skills “Zacktastic!”

“There is nothing that comes between Zack and his basketball. My wife and I even wake in the morning to the sound of him dribbling a basketball down the hall into our bedroom. He sank his first basket before he could even talk. We are beyond amazed by his talent and intense love for the sport,” says proud dad, Aaron Weinberger. Zack revels in learning new trick shot ideas by watching Dude Perfect, the Youtube trick shot channel with over 5 million subscribers. The boy’s dream is to someday meet his trick shot heroes.

“Zack looks up to DudePerfect and is constantly trying out the shots he sees them perform. It’s motivating to him. As parents, my wife and I are so appreciative that DudePerfect record and share their sports videos. The videos are so entertaining for all of us to watch together as a family and inspire kids to be active,” says Weinberger.

Weinberger has hopes that Zack can meet DudePerfect and their mascot, Panda, someday soon.

“For a little kid completely obsessed with basketball and trick shots, meeting DudePerfect would be mind-blowing for our son. Maybe he can even teach them a trick or two of his own!”

Next up for Zack? With his video being watched by fellow basketball fans around the globe, his dad spills the details on the boy’s immediate plans.

“He would like learn how to ride his bike without the training wheels . . . so he can ride over to the local basketball court, of course!”